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Progress Bar


The Progress Bar control is an essential UI component used to visualize the progress of a task or process. It provides immediate feedback to users, indicating that an operation is ongoing and how much of the task has been completed.

Progress Bar Sample

Control API


ActiveBrushBrushGets or sets the brush of the active bar.
ActiveColorColorGets or sets the color of the active bar.
AnimatedProgressdoubleGets the animated changes of the progress value.
AnimatedRelativeProgressdoubleGets the animated changes of the progress value scaled to [0..1].
AnimateProgressboolGets or sets if progress is animated.
AnimateProgressDurationuintGets or sets the duration for the progress animation.
AnimateProgressEasingEasingGets or sets the easing for the progress animation.
ChildrenIList<IView>Comment to avoid XmlDocCrash
CornerRadiusCornerRadiusGets or sets the corner radius of the ProgressBar.
InactiveBrushBrushGets or sets the background brush behind the active bar.
InactiveColorColorGets or sets the background color behind the active bar.
MaxProgressdoubleGets or sets the maximum progress value.
MinProgressdoubleGets or sets the minimum progress value.
ProgressdoubleGets or sets the current progress between MinProgress and MaxProgress.
TextstringGets or sets the text displayed.
TextActiveColorColorGets or sets the color of the displayed text while on active area.
TextFontSizedoubleGets or sets the font size of the displayed text.
TextInactiveColorColorGets or sets the color of the displayed text while on inactive area.


ProgressChangedEventHandler<ValueChangedEventArgs>The event is fired when the progress value changes.


ProgressTo(double newProgress, uint length, Easing easing)Task<bool>Changes the progress value animated.