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Migrate from old Grial versions

Move from an old Grial solution to Grial 4 (Xamarin.Forms)

The first step is to change the nuget package. Begin by deleting the nuget UXDivers.Grial and then install the UXDivers.Grial4 nuget.

Once you have completed this initial step, download the Grial 4 License File (GrialLicense) from the Grial Admin portal and replace it with your old solution for both Android and iOS.

Replace the following types and properties:

  • ITriggerAction -> IAnimatedAction
  • GrialNavigationPage.SetIsBarTransparent(navPage, value) -> GrialNavigationPage.SetBarType(navPage, GrialNavigationPage.BarType.Transparent/Solid)
  • AnimatedTrigger -> AnimatedAction
  • AnimatedTrigger.TriggerBeforeThreshold=”true” -> AnimatedAction.InvokeActionWhen="BeforeThreshold”

After making these changes, your Xamarin.Forms solution should be ready to run.


Please take note that to use Grial 4, you'll need to acquire a new license since it's a new and different product. All the content was completely redesigned, it introduces new templates, controls, and, of course, support for .NET MAUI.

Move from Grial 4 (Xamarin.Forms) to Grial 4 (.NET MAUI)

If you are targeting a .NET MAUI, follow the same steps above and additionally:

  • Download a Kick off solution of Grial 4 MAUI
  • Migrate your files to the new solution following the Microsoft Guide:


If you need an extra hand, you can check our migration program here: