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Grial Web Admin

The Grial Web Admin is the place where you manage your licenses, configure your apps, and download Grial templates.

After purchasing a Grial license you receive an email with a link to the Grial Web Admin so you can:

  • Register your user and claim your license
  • Customize and download Grial

Grial license is App-based which means that 1 license lets you create and publish 1 multiplatform application.

Alter you claim your license and download Grial, you will still be using the Grial Web Admin to download new content, make changes to you app information, renew your development license and moving your license to production.


In addition to customizing and downloading your Grial based app you will must setup out private nuget server to be able to restore the UXDivers.Grial nuget packages which the solution will depends on. The next section explains how to do it.